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Happy Diwali Sweets and Sweet Recipes

Happy Diwali Sweets and Sweet Recipes

Happy Diwali Sweets and Sweets Recipes

Happy Diwali is the most celebrated and biggest festival of India, any celebration of festivals like Diwali is not complete without sweets, gifts, wishes and greetings. From ancient time, people used to distribute sweets on the occasion of Diwali as to show their happiness and joy on this auspicious occasion. People distribute sweets to their relatives, friends, neighbours, employees and even to strangers.

People start making Diwali sweets few days in advance to consume and distribute the sweets. In India the festival of brotherhood is celebrated by the people of different religions to show their cultural diversity and brotherhood towards each other. Important relationship and friendship is also recognised on this day by visiting their home and exchanging sweets and gifts. Some of the famous and delicious Diwali sweets distributed on the occasion of Happy Diwali are moti choor ladoo, kajukatli, peda, burfi, badam barfi, rasgulla and many more.


Happy Diwali sweets recipe depends on Diwali sweets that you want to make. Some of the sweet recipe that can be used to make Diwali sweets are Milk, Milk powder, Khoya, Besan, Dry fruits, Rice for Kheer, etc. Happy Diwali Sweets recipe used by my mother and grandmother were great. Diwali Sweets made by my mother is the best sweet and I like that more than any other Diwali sweet or Chocolates available in the market.

Some of the people prefers to make Diwali Sweets at their home instead of purchasing the sme from the market. Now a days everything become so easy that many options of sending Diwali gifts and Diwali sweets to near and dear ones are available online if anyone is not present with their friends and families. Many people who lives away from their families for work or some other reason visits their home for their Diwali celebration but if due to any unavoidable reason they can’t visit their home, they also have an online option to send Diwali gifts and Diwali sweeets as their wishes, love and regards for their family.

People visits temple and pray for their bright and safe future on this auspicious festival of Diwali and distribute Diwali sweets and clothes to underprivileged people also.

In recent years people spends thousands of rupees for buying crackers which is completely a waste of money. Instead of buying crackers we can donate some money to the poor people so that their houses and life also lightens up on the festival of Diwali. This donation on Happy Diwali will also give happiness to you also.

Happy Diwali Sweets and Sweet Recipes

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