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Friendship Day Quotes In English

Friendship Day Quotes In English

Funny Friendship Day Quotes, Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes: Friendship Day is the day on which everyone is busy in celebration with their best friends. Happy Friendship day is the official holiday for Teenagers to celebrate the whole with their friends. The Happy friendship day is specially celebrated in the ‘southern countries’.

The first official Happy Friendship Day is celebrated in the ‘Paraguay’ in the 1958. People are using the Funny Friendship Day Quotes to send on their friend’s cell phone or on the whatsapp or on the Facebook Timeline.

Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes -

Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes is another way to celebrate the Happy Friendship Day with your friends. Because some peoples are living far away from their home or their best friends, so those types of peoples are use this way of sending Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes.

In India peoples especially Youth uses the Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes to send their best friends Whatsapp, Facebook timeline. The Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes are too much funny.

Here we are giving Funny Friendship Day Quotes, Funny Friendship Day Best Quotes, Funny Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Funny Happy Friendship Day Best Quotes, Happy Friendship Day Funny Quotes, Friendship Day Best Funny Quotes, Happy Friendship Day Best Funny Quotes this all are only for & this all are given below.

Friendship Day SMS for Facebook Status

”Crazy days and screwed up nights,
Tons of Crushes and stupid fights,
Secrets we will take to the grave,
Pictures we will forever save.
Through thick and thin,
Always true.
Friends forever,
Me and You!

Friendship Day SMS for Facebook Status

”Friendship is like a computer;
I ‘enter’ your life,
‘save’ you in my heart,
‘format’ your problems,
and never ‘delete’ you from my memory!
Happy Friendship Day

Friend$hip i$ like a little m0re 0f tru$t,
a little le$$ 0f try,
a little m0re 0f laugh,
and a little le$$ 0f cry,
a little m0re 0f “WE” and a little le$$ 0f “I”.
Wi$h u Happy friend$hip Day!!


M0$t 0f the pe0ple will walk in n 0ut 0f ur life,
But 0nly true and real friend$ will leave
Their f00tprint in ur heart.
Wi$hing y0u Happy Friend$hip Day 2019!!!

When the l0rd gave friend$ he alway$ tried t0 be fair
When I g0t y0u a$ my friend, I g0t m0re than my $hare!
Happy Friend$hip day 2019!


$0me friend$ are being remembered bc0z 0f their $mile.
$0me are remembered bc0z 0f their $tyle.
But y0u are remembered bc0z 0f many beautiful rea$0n$,
Thi$ ha$ made my life m0re w0nderful.
Thank$ f0r being my be$t friend.


True friend$hip are like diam0nd$,
They are alway$ real and rare t0 find.
Fal$e friend$hip i$ like leave$,
They alway$ $cattered everywhere.
Like t0 wi$h y0u happy friend$hip day!!!


0ne 0f the m0$t w0nderful and beautiful qualitie$
0f a real and true friend$hip i$ t0 under$tand and
T0 be under$t00d by them.


The greate$t gift life ha$ given u$ i$ friend$hip,
and I have received it wh0le heartily.
Walking with a true be$t friend$ in the dark i$ much
M0re better than walking al0ne in the bright light.


a real and true friend i$ the 0nly 0ne wh0 walk$ in when the wh0le w0rld walk$ 0ut 0f life.


Some of the best top 10 quotes to show the importance of friends in our life. Below check out for the top 10 famous quotes that release the importance of true friendship.

“True friend$hip i$ n0t ab0ut wh0 $tay f0r the l0nge$t….it’$ all ab0ut wh0 came, and wh0 alway$ $tay by y0ur $ide…” – Unkn0wn

“a be$t friend $ee$ the fir$t dr0p 0f tear… catche$ the $ec0nd dr0p 0f tear… and $t0p$ the third dr0p 0f tear.” – angelique

“a real and be$t friend i$ the 0ne wh0 walk$ in 0ur life when the re$t 0f the w0rld walk$ 0ut 0f 0ur life.” –Walter Winchell

“D0n’t try t0 walk in fr0nt 0f me, I may n0t f0ll0w y0u. D0n’t try t0 walk behind me, I may n0t lead y0u. Try t0 walk be$ide me and be my be$t friend.” –albert Camu$

“If all my friend$ were g0ing t0 jump 0ff a bridge, I w0uldn’t d0 the $ame; rather I w0uld be at the b0tt0m t0 catch them.” –Unkn0wn

“a tight hug i$ m0re than 0f th0u$and w0rd$. a be$t friend i$ w0rth m0re than that.” –Unkn0wn

“It take$ a very l0ng time t0 gr0w with an 0ld be$t friend.”–J0hn Le0nard

“Y0ur real friend i$ the 0ne wh0 kn0w$ all ab0ut y0u, and $till like$ y0u and $tay with y0u.” –Elbert Hubard

“The better part 0f 0ne’$ life i$ that part which c0n$i$t$ 0f hi$ friend$hip$.” –abraham Linc0ln

“Wi$hing t0 be friend$ i$ really a quick w0rk, but a true friend$hip i$ a pr0ce$$ which i$ 0f $l0w-ripening fruit.” –ari$t0tle


1. Relati0n 0f a true friend$hip i$ m0re than the relati0n 0f 0ur 0wn bl00d. Happy friend$hip day 2019!
2. A real friend$hip i$ 0ne wh0 kn0wn everything ab0ut y0u but $till$ $tay with y0u and l0ve y0u a l0t. wi$h y0u Happy friend$hip day!!
3. A wh0le day $pend with be$t friend$ are alway$ a day well $pend. Wi$hing a Happy friend$hip Day!!!
4. A be$t friend can 0nly $ee the truth and pain in y0ur eye$ while y0u mu$t be f00ling every0ne el$e with y0ur fake $mile. Like t0 wi$h y0u happy friend$hip Day!
5. Fake and fal$e friend$hip i$ like $had0w$; they f0ll0w y0u in the light but leave y0u all al0ne while y0u are in dark. L0ve t0 wi$h y0u happy friend$hip Day!!

Wishes for Happy Friendship Day For True Friend

1. A real and true friend$hip can even change the pe0ple. My dear friend wi$h y0u happy friend$hip day 2019!!!
2. A be$t friend i$ the 0ne wh0 never get$ b0red 0f li$tening t0 y0ur p0intle$$ acting and drama$ 0ver and 0ver again f0r th0u$and$ 0f time$. It$ friend$hip day my friend!
3. D0n’t ever try t0 make friend$ bef0re under$tanding them and never break a true friend$hip 0ver mi$under$tanding. Let me wi$h y0u happy friend$hip day!!
4. Y0u are my w0nderful $mile which will never fade… A breathe which i$ $0 $weet t0 take.
That’$ why I will alway$ trea$ure 0ur true friend$hip f0rever. Thank y0u f0r being my friend… happy friend$hip day!!!
5. If $0me0ne a$ked me what a friend l00k alike, I w0uld $eat ju$t next t0 y0u and h0ld y0ur arm $0 tightly bc0z y0u define what a true and real friend$hip really i$. My be$t friend happy friend$hip day!
6. I really appreciate y0u my friend $0 deeply, e$pecially kn0wing that y0u have alway$ l0ved me $0 much in $pite 0f all my weakne$$ and y0u all0wed me t0 $hine $0 bright with y0u a$ a g00d friend 0f mine. L0ve y0u $0 much and happy friend$hip day!!
7. Be$t friend$ are th0$e wh0 bring the be$t child in y0u and help y0u t0 gr0w. I $ee that 0n in y0u. HaPpY FrIeNd$hIp DaY!!!
8. I really d0n’t need a friend wh0 change$ the way I change; n0d$ when I n0d; my 0wn $had0w d0e$ that better f0r me all the time. Wi$h y0u Happy friend$hip day!
9. Friend$hip i$ like m0ney which are ea$y t0 make but harder t0 keep them.

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